Is it July ALREADY!!!

Well, despite the fact that we really didn’t have much of a Spring season here in Minnesota this year–summer has finally arrived and we’re going to be optimistic that we receive enough heat units over the next two months to provide for an abundant harvest this fall. Our gardens are looking exceptional and I hope to have some updated photos to post in the very near future. The kids are really proud of the work they are doing and with all they are accomplishing so far this season.

In June Kenny successfully hatched out 16  baby Jersey Giant Chicks and currently have 40 more incubating and are set to hatch July 25-27th. The first 16 are very lively and growing very fast and the kids have been excited to be around them! We have been teaching many different social skills on the farm this season but learning to show sensitivity to others and to handle things with care (baby birds and young transplants from  the greenhouse, etc.) we have emphasized increasing our mindfulness about how we interact with family members,friends, etc. and how we can be more mindful to show sensitivity to others, and handle others with care in order to increase the quality of our relationships with others. Sometimes the kids we work with are going through more difficult challenges and it takes some time to transfer or generalize this learning to other areas of their lives but the redundancy provided in DIRT GROUP helps to foster mastery of important social skills which prepare participants for life in a rich experiential learning environment.



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