Harvest Retreat 2017

Italian Parmesan Buns sample for HBC2017

Italian Parmesan Bread

We’ve talked about it for years but yesterday we had our first annual CRFS Harvest Retreat, bringing together members from all three locations for a day of team building around neuroscience, food, experiential learning, symbolic interactionism, social learning, and strength-based theories which guide our work with youth and families.


Rosemary Officianlis 2017

Although not everyone could make it all of our locations were well represented and it made for a great day together. We spent some time sharing pieces of our individual and collective stories and together made and ate breakfast, lunch, and sweet stuff for dinner as we were all still stuffed! I was planning on making leg of lamb for dinner but the oven was occupied consistently with the 20 batches of bread we made from scratch! We also processed one of 7 kinds of Rosemary I grew this year. As we continue to develop we will have access to certified/licensed commercial/catering kitchens which will offer a continuation of our social skills training programs as we become licensed in Minnesota and trained in Safe-Serve Food Safety and become certified to prepare and sell food with the proceeds going to feed kids at group.

Recommended Resources in Neuroscience and Trauma*
(Some of the science congruent with DIRT GROUP)

DIRT GROUP is a trauma-informed children’s mental health application based in social and emotional learning in the context of a gardening and farming project. Grounded and informed by four major theories and recent findings in neuroscience research*, DIRT GROUP positively influences social and emotional learning in youth


Mindsight: Daniel Siegel, MD (2010)

Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology: Daniel Siegel, MD (2012)

The Body Keeps the Score: Bessel van der Kolk, MD

Queensland Blue Squash

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